I have always been interested in gardening and wanted to grow some vegetables but in a condo, it is rather difficult, until I read about hydroponics and how they were becoming popular in houses and garden... I thought why not on my balcony.  So I took some measurements, and went hunting for hydroponics kits. I found a first kit at a shop on Sukhumivit soi 38, and they were very helpful helping me set up my first test.

They supplied the kit to mount, all the components including nutrients, seeds, tools for testing and even a bunch of small plants so I can start populating my system. Mounting the system was a breeze and trouble free, within a couple of hours I was up an running.

Visiting an expo at Bitec, I found an interesting, very cheap little kit organised a bit vertical, and included a cover for weather problems. I bought it to test but it turned out to be poorly designed, not very resistant and it required serious modification. The way it is designed makes it also very difficult to clean up, so this is an additional problem.  

However the concept of a closed environment protecting small plants from rain and wind is a great idea, so I transformed it into my Plant Nursery. Later on I found out that this was good but we were eating so much salad that I needed to increase production, so I build an additional 3 rows or gullies of 4 mtr each, adding 12 mtrs of production capacity, or a total of 48 plants in full developments.

Today, between my 3 systems, I have 156 plants in production, 48 seeding pods, and in addition to this I am also building some autonomous boxes to grow larger plans like Tomatoes and Cucumber, bringing an additional 24 support area for large plants.