nasty little beasts sucking up the sap of our plants

Cucumber leaves dying

An invasion from Aphids.

We were too busy for about a week and each night came too late to be able to check our plants. We checked the level of water in the nutrient tank, which in our opinion is the most important part, then mesure the PH and the level of Nutrient and rectify. We also at general aspect of the plant but we have no light spots on the balcony that would allow us to check each plant.

As a result, it is only Saturday morning that we saw the damage done to our plants, and one full Cucumber plant out of 6 was really looking bad. As soon as we could see closer we realised that this was probably an insect so we called in our team of analysts (our daughter) with their sophisticated equipment (her school microscope) and set up to examine the leaves very closely.


Our Scientist at Work!

She proceeded to put a white spot on the glass under the objectif of the microscope, started to tune it up and screamed moving back from the instrument…

It turns out that the attack was so bad that in the next 2 days, it was already too late and the 6 plants were so badly infected that they all died…

The ugly looking thing was wriggling all its legs and it was absolutely horrifying…
Taking my iphone and placing it on top of the microscope, I could capture the following pictures.



ugly wriggly thingo


Moving all legs!