NFT cleanupThe NFT

In fact it is more a clean up after monsoon, the heat wave is over, temperature are getting better and salad can grow again…

FIrst we cleaned up the long NFT and the pipes and pumps. The system has not been used for 2 months, it was too hot and the salads were all dying.

Impossible to grow anything with these temperature, at least I should have cooled the nutrient but that is too complex, so wait and see was the decision… So we embarked on a big clean up and realised that the pump was already heavily clogged and needed some attention. Also the nutrient system that runs through the small feeders was starting to block as well and a few lines were only feb half way, so I must find another way to make sure the film of Nutrient will remain constant.

Hydroponics 1  Hydroponics 3Blue box new design

I have also redesigned the system with the blue boxes to make their maintenance much easier.

The previous design was great but prevented me to access the pump area and as a result the small pump would easily clog up. Now, I have removed the inner tank and have separated the pump and the nutrient reserve from the boxes themselves, and this makes the whole thing much easier.

So I have only one pump for 3 boxes, on food and PH level to measure, one pump easy to access to clean regularly and if I want to I can easily clean each box individually.

Hydroponics 2The Nutrient Tank.

You can see here the termination from the return flow of the 3 boxes, and due to a lack of connectors, I have not been able to succesfully linked the boxes together and use only one main pipe as a return flow.